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company also has thousands of pre set rumbles, which speaks to its experience in the field. CJ4D Plex, behind the 4DX format, says its experience offers many more sensations than other seat movers. Leg ticklers reach out to give you a surprise tingle, lightning is punctuated with a strobe light. Even scents, from raspberry to burnt tires, help audiences immerse themselves in the on screen world. "We don’t think anyone else brings that combination of features," says Chief Marketing Officer Angela Killoren of CJ4D Plex America. The companies say demand for motion seats is growing. over the coming year. CJ4D Plex’s Killoren said the group built 10 new installations between March and the CinemaCon convention in April, and has plans for further announcements this year. MediaMation vice president
Wholesale NFL jerseys Dan Jamele said the company, which got its start installing its systems at theme parks, has been increasing its theatrical installations by 25 to 35 percent each year and expects to top that

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Articles Connexes:

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