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How to Integrate Work While people in the business community hear a lot about the importance of work/life balance, it often unclear exactly what that phrase means or how one achieves it. Stewart Friedman, founding director of Wharton Leadership Program and the Work/Life Integration Project, thinks he has an answer. In his new book, titled Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life, Friedman describes the four domains of people lives work, home, community and self and what individuals can do to integrate these domains and improve their leadership skills at any stage in their careers. An edited version of the conversation follows. The big idea is that it possible to create
NHL jerseys value for the different parts for work, home, community and your private self, the domain of mind, body and spirit in ways that you probably didn think about before. It doesn have to be a trade off. Most people operate in a world of thinking about sacrifice as a necessity, that you have to give up something in one part of your life

Supreme Court upholds Michigan anti Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld an identical Michigan law that bans affirmative action in public programs such as university admissions. The Supreme Court, although splintered in its legal reasoning, determined that voters had a right to enact Michigan’s law in 2006 and choose to outlaw race and gender preferences. The majority decision, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, based the outcome on a states’ rights argument, steering clear of whether Michigan’s law violated the constitutional rights of minorities in the state. An affirmative action rally outside
NHL jerseys Boalt Hall School of Law, 1997. (Mercury News)Ron BurdaThe case had major implications for California, where Proposition 209 since 1996 has forbidden consideration of race and gender in university admissions, contracting and other public programs throughout the state. Legal challenges to Proposition 209 have failed, and its critics considered the Supreme Court case out of Michigan the last, best chance to revive the prospect

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